Regulations for Int’l Students during COVID-19 Prevention and Control, NMU



In order to effectively prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic, ensure the health and safety of all students in the university and maintain the normal school life and order, the School of International Education hereby formulates these regulations according to the essence of related documents and the actual situation of the university.



Ⅰ Before the new semester begins, all international students must do as following:

1. 严格遵守“所有学生一律不得提前返校”的规定。

Article 1 Strictly abide by the regulation that “All students are NOT allowed to return to school in advance”.

2. 坚决服从当地政府和学校防控疫情的工作安排,积极支持学校开展的疫情收集统计工作,每日严格按时、如实提交“国际学生健康日报”。

Article 2 Absolutely obey the work arrangement of the local government and the school for epidemic prevention and control, actively support the school on epidemic data collection, and submit the “International Students Daily Health Report” strictly timely and truthfully every day.

3. 保持微信畅通并定期查看邮件,和所在年级管理老师保持联络,不可失联。

Article 3 Keep WeChat open. Check the WeChat messages and Emails regularly. Keep in touch with your counselor. Don’t be out of contact.

4. 延迟开学期间,认真按照学校安排上好网课,按时完成学习任务。

Article 4 During the delayed period of school resumption, seriously attend online classes according to the school’s arrangement and complete the learning task on time.

5. 不去人群聚集或空气不流通的场所,不去有疫情发生的地区。如计划离开目前所在城市,必须提前告知所在年级管理老师。留在南京校外住宿的同学,未经学院批准,不得离开南京市。

Article 5 Do not visit crowded places, places without proper ventilation, as well as places of known epidemic situation. If you plan to leave the city where you are currently located, you should report to your counselor in advance. Students who stay in Nanjing and live outside campus are not allowed to leave Nanjing without the school’s permission.


Ⅱ During the period of returning to school, all international students must do as following:

6. 接到学校开学通知后,严格按照学校的部署和要求,安排自己的返校行程。

Article 6 Strictly obey the deployment and requirements of the school to arrange the return trip, after receiving the school resumption notice.

7. 积极配合学校开展返校前的情况排查,按照要求如实填报所有信息。

Article 7 Actively cooperate with the school to carry out the investigation before returning to school, and fill in all information truthfully as required.

8. 做好返校途中防疫防护工作。出发前如本人或共同居住的家人突然有发热、咳嗽等呼吸道感染症状,务必立即中止返校行程,在当地治疗至痊愈或医学观察至少14天后再申请返校。

Article 8 Pay attention to the epidemic prevention and protection on the way back to school. Before departure, if you or your family members suddenly have respiratory infection symptoms such as fever, cough, etc., you must stop returning to school immediately, notify the school and apply for returning to school after seeking local treatment till recovery or receiving medical observation for at least 14 days.

9. 返校报到进入校园时,须正确佩戴口罩,主动配合学校的体温检测和身份认定工作。

Article 9 Before entering the campus, you must wear a mask correctly and actively cooperate with the school’s temperature measurement and identification work.

10. 配合学校做好返校当天校门口交通管理工作,陪同人员及外来车辆在校门外即停即走,禁止进入校园。

Article 10 Cooperate with the traffic management at the campus gate on the day of arrival at school. Accompany outsiders and external vehicles are forbidden to enter the campus and have to leave as soon as the students get off.

11. 按照学校安排的时间返回南京后,应直接回到本人宿舍或校外住所,不得在他人住所或学校其他地方逗留,抵达宿舍或公寓后,应第一时间向所在年级管理老师进行微信报到。

Article 11 After returning to Nanjing according to the time arranged by the school, you should directly return to your dormitory or apartment outside the campus. You are not allowed to stay in other people’s residence or other places of the campus. After arriving at the dormitory or apartment, you should report to your counselor via WeChat without any delay.



Ⅲ After the new semester starts, all international students must do as following:

12. 在疫情得到有效控制前,如有特殊情况需要离开校园,必须经年级管理老师(研究生还须经导师同意)、学工办、学院联合审批。返校后及时向学院详细报告校外行程和接触人员等情况,如有必要自觉接受隔离医学观察。

Article 12 Before the epidemic is effectively controlled, if there is a special reason to leave the campus, it must be jointly approved by the counselor (postgraduate students must also be approved by the supervisor), the Student Affairs Office and the school. After returning to the campus, report to the school in detail about your trip outside the campus and all contacted persons, and consciously accept isolation for medical observation if necessary.

13. 疫情防控期间,不得带校外人员(包括亲属)进入校园、宿舍,严禁留宿非本宿舍人员。无特殊情况不得接受外来人员探访。

Article 13 During the period of COVID-19 prevention and control, it is not allowed to bring off-campus personnel (including relatives) into the campus and dormitory, and it is strictly prohibited to accommodate any person (including classmates) that is not living in the room. No visitors are allowed to visit without permission in case of special circumstances.

14. 每天早晨和中午主动各量一次体温,并将测量结果如实报班级负责人汇总。一旦有发热、干咳、乏力、呼吸困难等症状,本人和其他同学要主动第一时间向年级管理老师(或导师)报告。

Article 14 Consciously check the temperature twice a day in the morning and at noon. Timely and truthfully report the result to the person in charge in the class. In case of fever, dry cough, fatigue, dyspnea or other symptoms, the sick and other students should immediately take the initiative to report to the counselor (supervisor).

15. 如接触过新冠肺炎疑似或确诊病人,要及时向学院报告,服从学校统一安排,不自作主张。

Article 15 If any student has contact with suspected or confirmed cases, it should be immediately reported to the school, and the student should follow the unified arrangement of the school without any personal actions.



Ⅳ To prevent COVID-19, all international students must do as following:

16. 不听信、不传播、不制造谣言。

Article 16 Do not believe or spread or create rumors.

17. 每天打扫宿舍或校外住所卫生,开窗通风,保持室内清洁。做好个人卫生,勤洗澡、勤换衣服、勤洗手。

Article 17 Clean the dormitory or your apartment outside the campus every day, open windows for ventilation, and keep the room clean. Be mindful of your personal hygiene. Take a bath, change clothes and wash hands frequently.

18. 不进入他人住所或宿舍,不会客、不聚会。一旦离开个人房间进入公共场所,必须正确配戴口罩。

Article 18 Do not enter other people’s apartments or dormitories, do not have guests or hold parties. Once you leave your room and enter the public space, you must wear masks correctly.

19. 加强锻炼,按时作息,遵循健康的生活规律,安排好学习、休息和锻炼时间,增强体质,提高免疫力。

Article 19 Exercise regularly and rest on time, follow healthy lifestyles and plan your studying, resting and exercising well to strengthen your health and improve immunity.

20. 广大同学要充分认识到疫情防控工作的重要性,严格遵守学校相关规定,互相关心、互相帮助、互相监督。如发现违反本行为规范的行为,应立即向年级管理老师报告。

Article 20 Students should fully realize the importance of COVID-19 prevention and control, strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the school, care about each other, help each other and supervise each other. If any violation of these regulations is found, it should be reported to the counselor immediately.



Ⅴ Others:

21. 学院将依据《澳门新浦京8455com国际学生违纪处分条例》、《澳门新浦京8455com国际学生行为准则》等相关文件,严肃处理违反本行为规范的各种行为。

Article 21 The school will seriously deal with all kinds of insubordinate behaviors in violation of these regulations in accordance with Disciplinary Punishments against International students of NMU, The Moral Activity Regulation for International Students of NMU and other relevant documents.

22. 所有国际学生务必关注澳门新浦京官网官方微信公众号,及时了解相关信息。

Article 22 All international students must follow the official WeChat account of Nanjing Medical University School of International Education, and keep abreast of all relevant information.




School of International Education

Nanjing Medical University

March 6, 2020